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Pretreatment and Treatment FAQs

What is pretreatment?

Pretreatment is the reduction, the elimination, or the alteration of pollutants in wastewater to a less harmful state prior to discharge of the wastewater to a sanitary sewer system.

Who makes the rules and regulations for drinking water?

A variety of organizations and agencies monitor and regulate water utilities to further ensure water quality. The following lists some of the agencies and regulations that help Warren Water work efficiently to provide you with the safest water and wastewater service possible: Safe Water Drinking Act (SDWA), United States Environmental Protection Agency and the Natural Resources and Environmental Protection Cabinet.

What tests do Warren Water perform to make sure my water is safe?

Warren Water, in conjunction with BGMU, tests the water for over 100 regulated and many unregulated contaminants to ensure the water supplied to you is of the safest and highest quality. For further information on substance testing, read our Consumer Confidence Report (CCR).

Will Warren Water come and test the water in my home?

While Warren Water monitors its water within the water system to ensure its safety, we don’t offer a service to test the water out of individuals’ homes. If you would like to have your water tested, contact Ogden Environmental Lab at (270) 745-5287.

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