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Educating the community on a problem that is causing increased expenses and resources for the community is key. Disposable wipes are causing increased problems within Warren County Water District’s wastewater pumping stations. Flushing wipes can cause toilet overflows, expensive plumbing repairs and damage to septic systems, as well as clog pumps and sewer systems. Warren Water District encourages everyone to be part of the solution and pledge to only tossing toilet paper down the toilet.

“Even though a product may indicate they are biodegradable or can be flushed, the fabric does not breakdown fast enough,” explained General Manager John Dix. “There are currently no requirements that a product must meet to be labeled flush-able and with an increase in product choices/demand the problem increases for utilities across the country.”

Warren Water has endured extreme expenses related to clogged wastewater pump stations & pump damage. Clogs cause systems to operate inefficiently and waste electricity. General Manager John Dix added, “Community education will be key to the solution. With involvement within the community Warren Water will be able to sustain efficiency and minimize spending related to wipes.”

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