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BOWLING GREEN, KY – Warren County Stormwater has partnered with Warren County Water District to launch a Septic to Sewer Program.  The Septic to Sewer Program provides an easy and affordable solution to septic system property owners in our service area who would like to make a connection to our safe, reliable public wastewater system.

Warren County Stormwater Program Assistant Director Nikki Koller shared, “We are excited to see this program launch within our community.  Its with great appreciation for the collaboration working with the team at Warren Water to offer an opportunity to improve and protect the beauty that makes us so proud to live in Warren County.“

Warren County Stormwater and Warren Water are working to protect and enhance the quality of our water resources, improve wastewater service and eliminate the potential for environmental health problems. The Septic to Sewer Program was developed to help eliminate water quality and service problems from failing septic systems by providing an opportunity to replace septic systems with safe, public sanitary sewers.  The program offers affordable, interest free financing to homeowners.

“We are honored to partner with Warren County Stormwater to offer a program that impacts the home owner and protects the environment as we take proactive steps for the future,”  stated John Dix, WCWD General Manager. “It’s always a win-win when solid partnerships produce a program of value and need to improve lives.”

The benefits to connect to sewer include an increase in home value, lessens maintenance, increases build-able expansion options, improves the environment and provides financial support with an interest free loan. For additional details and to view an application, you can visit or

About Warren County Stormwater

The Division of Stormwater Management was created by Federal mandate to provide a safeguard to persons, protect property, and prevent damage to the environment. WC Stormwater promotes public welfare by regulating the design, construction, use, and maintenance of developments and other activities in Warren County that disturb soil in order to prevent erosion from construction job sites or into our water resources and drainage structures.

About Warren County Water District

Warren Water is a public water and wastewater utility serving more than 29,000 water and 6,000 wastewater customers throughout Warren County while providing operation and management services to Butler County Water System and Simpson County Water District.  There are over 1,200 miles of water mains in the Warren Water service area, which spans 530 square miles.  The Warren Water sewer system includes over 162 miles of sewer lines.  For more information, visit




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