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Bowling Green, KY – Warren Country Water District (Warren Water) will implement rate adjustments for water and wastewater customers effective July 1, 2019. These adjustments are the result of wholesale water and wastewater increases from Bowling Green Municipal Utilities (BGMU) along with Warren Water’s need to rehabilitate and repair aging wastewater infrastructure. The wholesale rate increases are needed to support a water treatment plant expansion from 30 to 45 million gallons per day and wastewater capacity increases in the southern areas of the city and county due to substantial growth. Warren Water must also begin repairing and rehabilitating aging wastewater infrastructure in the Louisville Road/Plum Springs area that was installed in the early ‘70s. The total cost of the water and wastewater projects is over $60,000,000. The increase will be the first of four water and wastewater rate increases over the next four years due to the wholesale charge.

The bill for an average residential water customer will increase $1.70 from $21.64 to $23.34. The monthly average bill for a wastewater customer will increase $1.93 from $19.96 to $21.89. The subsequent rate increases in 2020 through 2022 will be lower. Even after these increases, Warren Water continues to have the lowest rates in Warren County as well as some of the lowest in the state and region.

“Warren Water recognizes that any increase can be difficult for our residential and business customers; however, these rate adjustments will provide the infrastructure needed to serve the strong growth our region is experiencing both now and for the future”, stated John Dix, WCWD General Manager. “With such a significant investment into this region’s infrastructure, the staff at BGMU worked with us to achieve our goal of reducing the impact on our customers by adopting a four-year rate setting strategy to lessen the immediate cost impact. It is important to note that the three future rate increases will be lower than the initial increase.”

Warren Water maintains over 1,200 miles of pipeline, along with 32 pumping stations and 28 storage tanks throughout a 530-square-mile area. Warren Water’s wastewater system includes over 178 miles of sewer, transporting nearly three million gallons of wastewater to BGMU’s wastewater treatment plant daily. Warren Water is committed to providing safe, quality drinking water and wastewater service at the most reasonable rates possible by managing costs and overhead effectively.

“Meeting the demands of a growing community comes with challenges including the replacement of aging infrastructure and expansion projects. I am proud of the entire organization’s commitment to providing quality services at affordable prices,” added Dix.

For additional information or questions regarding this rate increase, customers may review information at

Water and Sewer Rate Adjustment Facts Sheet

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