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Capacity Improvements at a Glance

 With the total number of customers served reaching 30,000 and over 2,000 residential and commercial units in various stages of planning and construction, strong growth will require capacity improvements in Warren County along with numerous road widening projects. Warren Water completed water and sewer capacity improvements with the completion of the Memphis Junction Force Main Project and Nashville Road Pump Station upgrade. Water and sewer line relocations are underway for the widening of Highway 31W from Dillard Road to Buchanon Park

An aging and deteriorating sewer system requires repair and rehabilitation in the Plum Springs area through Rural Development and Kentucky Infrastructure Authority financing. The contract has been awarded to Miller Pipeline and construction will begin this month. The repairs will include the use of trenchless technology to line the inside of the existing old infrastructure. Some excavating will be required to do point repairs. The overall disturbance will be greatly reduced using the trenchless technology.

Design is almost complete on water system improvements including a new tank, pump station, water lines in the Hilltop Trail area to improve pressure and reliability in the area along with replacement of old small galvanized/plastic water lines in various locations that will be funded through a Kentucky Infrastructure Authority Loan.

Water & Sewer Rate Adjustments

Warren Water implemented rate adjustments for water and wastewater customers effective July 1, 2019. The adjustments are the result of a wholesale water and wastewater increase from Bowling Green Municipal Utilities (BGMU) along with Warren Water’s need to rehabilitate and repair aging wastewater infrastructure. The wholesale rate increases are needed to support a water treatment plant expansion from 30 to 45 million gallons per day and wastewater capacity increases in the southern areas of the city and county due to substantial growth. The total cost of the water and wastewater projects are over $60,000,000. The increase will be the first of four water and wastewater rate increases over the next four years due to the wholesale charge from BGMU.

The bill for an average residential water customer will increase $1.70 from $21.64 to $23.34. The monthly average bill for a wastewater customer will increase $1.93 from $19.96 to $21.89. The future water and wastewater rate increases will be less.

Warren Water continues to have the lowest rates in Warren County as well as some of the lowest in the state and region. For additional information or questions regarding this rate increase, visit


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