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The Warren County Water District continues to promote education in the water supply field by offering a scholarship each year.  Kyler Mace of South Warren High School was awarded a $1,000 scholarship to Western Kentucky University for the 2018-2019 academic year.


“Klyer has shown outstanding achievement and strong community spirit. Not only has she achieved success academically and athletically, Kyler has given back to the community by volunteering/supporting the Humane Society, Potter Children’s Home and the Meals on Wheels program.  These qualities of a hard working student, athlete and community servant elevated her as the top candidate.  We are excited to offer assistance as Kyler furthers her higher education to pursue a Nursing degree at WKU,” said WCWD General Manager John Dix.  “This scholarship is another way we can serve our community and our customers.”


In an effort to foster success of future water and sewer utility professionals, the scholarship is offered to assist a Warren County high school senior pursuing further education in a related field.  The scholarship is renewable for four years, as long as requirements are maintained.


For application and eligibility details, students should contact their high school guidance counselor or visit


Winners of the Leak Repair Competition – Warren Water

On May 23, personnel from Warren County Water District competed in the leak repair contest at the Kentucky Rural Water Operator EXPO held at the Hardin County Fairgrounds with over 350 utility personnel attending. Warren Water had two teams competing with the team of John Potter and Rich Clothier winning the competition. This is the third year in a row that Warren Water has brought home the championship! Thanks to our champions and our second team of Rusty Coots and Brandon Edwards for their competitive edge showcasing strength, endurance, speed and determination!  Qualities found daily at Warren Water!



Warren Water kicked off this year’s National Drinking Water Week with an invitation to “Protect the Source” throughout Warren County and across the region.

Warren Water, the American Water Works Association and water utilities nationwide will celebrate National Drinking Water Week (May 6-12) by recognizing the vital role drinking water plays in daily lives.  Focus will be placed on ways in which water consumers can take personal responsibility in caring for their tap water and protecting its source.

In celebration of Drinking Water Week, Warren Water invited all fourth-grade classes in Warren County to step outside and create chalk art.  Chalk art that encompasses the theme “Protecting the Source and/or How Water is Essential to Life.” All pictures submitted will be posted on Warren Water’s Facebook page for the community to vote on their favorite chalk art creation with a like and/or comment.

“We can’t minimize the importance of a healthy water supply in our daily lives. National Drinking Water Week provides an opportunity to recognize this valuable resource and service,” said John Dix, WCWD General Manager. “Warren Water encourages customers to be actively aware of how they personally connect with water and help us protect our water supply. Let’s raise awareness together by posting ways to protect the source on social media and share all these chalk art creations by fourth graders from across the county!  Vote during National Drinking Water Week.  Remember to tag Warren Water.”

National Drinking Water Week 2018 Campaign, which is hosted by the American Water Works Association (AWWA), is a national advocacy event designed to focus on issues associated with drinking water, including making sure that individuals have fresh, safe tap water and knowledge of how valuable the resource is in their daily lives. Tap water plays a critical role in the success of society, from meeting basic public health needs by providing safe drinking water and adequate sanitation, to promoting dental health and supporting industrial, agricultural, medical, and recreational activities.

“We are proud of our team at Warren Water who work around the clock to bring safe, reliable water to residences and businesses, testing the water 130,000 times a month to ensure quality,” Dix added, “This week gives us the opportunity to recognize their commitment to customers and quality service.”

Protect The Source

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Warren County Blood Drive

Warren Water will host a Blood Drive on Wednesday, April 18 with the American Red Cross from 8-1 p.m. It’s never too late to help!

Please call 1-800-RED-CROSS (800-733-2767) or visit and enter: WarrenWater to schedule an appointment. 

Give blood.  Help save lives.

Blood Drive 2018


BOWLING GREEN, KY – The No Wipes in the Pipes campaign launches this week to educate the community on a problem that is causing increased expenses and resources for the community.  Disposable wipes are causing increased problems within Warren County Water District’s wastewater system by clogging pipes and damaging pumping stations.   Flushing wipes can cause toilet overflows, expensive plumbing repairs and damage to septic systems, as well as clog pumps and sewer systems.   Warren County Water District encourages everyone to be part of the solution and pledge to only tossing toilet paper down the toilet.


“Even though a product may indicate they are biodegradable or can be flushed, the fabric does not breakdown fast enough,” explained General Manager John Dix.  “There are currently no requirements that a product must meet to be labeled flushable and with an increase in product choices/demand, the problem increases for utilities across the country.”


Warren Water endured over $50,000 in expenses related to clogged wastewater systems & pump damage.  Clogs cause systems to operate inefficiently, waste electricity and can eventually back up into the customer’s pipes causing costly damage to the homeowner.  General Manager John Dix added, “Community education will be key to the solution by convincing our customers not to flush wipes down the toilet.  With involvement from the community Warren Water will be able to sustain efficiency and minimize spending related to wipes.”


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